Behind the Iron Curtain is ready to open its gates for the second edition!

A unique event for the CGI community, as seen in 2010, BTIC will not be your usual improvised presentations and hype!

We have the honor to guest artists that have changed the industry with their creativity and relentless search for beautiful images, strong design and great storytelling.

Now you have the chance to connect, to learn, to be inspired, to be motivated and change your world! Students and professionals from Europe and the whole world now have the chance to surround themselves with the biggest creative force that has hit Europe yet! These great artists are ready to share their knowledge inside out about Concept art and 3D for games, movies and also to guide you trough portfolio reviews. This is an opportunity for aspiring artists and working professionals to be exposed to dozens of years of experience and start becoming better artists and persons.

Get ready for this unique experience Behind the Iron Curtain!